At the end of December each year, I love to spend a day just to sit down and reassess my accomplishments in the past twelve months before I create an inspiring and lengthy to-do list for the year ahead. Self-reflection Day allows me to claim private time to just run through my own thoughts and feelings about what went on over the past months, as well as to look at some notes I wrote to myself throughout the year, especially the notes about my Yearly Theme Card.

What is the Yearly Theme Card? This is that one card I pull from the 22 cards from the Major Arcana to get an overview of what the year ahead is likely to be for me. And my yearly theme card for 2018 was “The High Priestess” – the card of intuition, of being alone, of seeing things without the rose-tinted glasses. This tells me that all the answers I need are waiting for me in my subconscious. It’s the year where I can trust my intuition and should have the confidence in my abilities to move forward in my life – and doing it SOLO!

Nine years ago, I was guided to make a huge change in my life, just like this one; I trusted my intuition then and I am being asked to trust it again this year. And, as I’m sitting here staring at these words in my journal, I can see that the decision to end a six-year love connection, that felt more like friends with benefits was the right one...for the both of us!


"I have no time or patience for superficial love connections because often its prospect has nothing to offer but shallow nonsense. I will be much happier on my own!"


Since then, I put up a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on my love life and retreated from the world of romance, so I could recharge my spiritual batteries and put the energy toward what feels right in my heart – and that is to pursue my career goals that I feel completely inspired about.

This year certainly hasn’t been an easy journey, but when I look back over the months gone by, I can see that I have covered a lot of ground and I am very proud of my achievements. A lot of good changes have taken place in my world, and the changes that took place have brought some good people into my life. I certainly have come a long way and am much stronger than I was back in the beginning of the year. Right now, my home life is happy, my health is on the right track, and I’m still very much committed to creating a solid, independent lifestyle for myself and my daughters. Most of all, I feel ready to enter 2019 being completely open to experiencing the new and beginning the process of writing the next chapter of my life, with complete faith that there are many good things that have yet to come!

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