As I sat down to write this Annual Self-Reflection, I find my mind drifting back into the past. Like an old movie, my mind keeps replaying every painful hardship, mistake and lesson I endured; rehashing every distressing emotion I had to overcome in order to keep on marching forward with life.

2017 Opened My Eyes! That year, the nagging sense of wanting to reclaim control of my own life and my personal space became increasingly undeniable. I looked within for the cause of my frustration and resentment; and the close self-examination revealed that the one I was dating was not so compatible as I initially thought. Although this truth opened up a painful wound in my heart, I knew the only best thing that was available to me was to embrace the lesson of intention, courage, integrity, and most importantly – to love with my eyes wide open! It was the year I made the choice to stop ignoring the flaws in my romantic connection and to learn to love the sound of my feet walking away from things and people that were not meant for me.

2018 Broke Me Emotionally! Once the blindfold had been removed, it was time to surrender to every emotional wound, every psychological bump and bruise that was weighing heavily on my mind. It was the lesson of trust – trusting that the Universe will take care of me, trusting that the Universe will help me through this tough time in my life, trusting that the Universe will bring new and better things into my life now that I have made room for them, but most importantly – trusting that the Universe will restore my faith in love! However, in order to create a better existence for myself, I knew it had to begin with ME! So, I joined the gym and began to reclaim my power over the things within my control – my own thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and most of all – my health! It was the year where I committed to healing my physical and emotional wellbeing in a way I never had done before.

2019 Transformed Me Physically and Emotionally! As I write this statement, I find myself smiling with pride at how I handled the last twelve months. Maintaining a healthy perspective on life and pushing myself past the hurdles was challenging, but I was determined to look straight ahead, towards my own freedom and happiness, most importantly – to live up to the One Powerful Intention I set for myself at the beginning of this year, which was Express My Creativity and Manifest It into the World! – For me, this meant looking back is no longer permitted!

I pour every ounce of effort into exploring everything around me with brand new eyes and optimism. As I continue to move forward in the direction that is meant for me, I find myself craving new experiences, new friends, and new routines, because the previous forms of expressions no longer fit who I am becoming. With singular focus to strengthening the links between my mind and my body in order to cultivate an even healthier lifestyle, I decided to pursue my longest passion and learn new skills – Pole Dancing! Indulging in my new favourite pastime allows me to take a miniature vacation from my responsibilities. It is certainly a wonderful way to unwind and relax with those who expect nothing from me. Today, I am making great progress, but only time will tell how good I will become. For now, I am happy to keep on pushing myself forward every single day and gaining a whole new audience for my creativity and talents.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt that this year took immense effort and time in order for me to cultivate a much needed self-love, but the stress of the painful past is lifting as things in my life seem to make sense once again.  I have definitely learned a lot about myself and 2020 I’m Coming Back! Feeling Strong Willed Than Ever!

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