Every ending is always a new beginning.  Even if things seem difficult right now, your life is about to change for the better with these Tarot cards appearing in your reading.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE (10):  The Universe has greater plans for you!

Wheel of Fortune is likely to indicate a major transition that is guided by the Universe.  Often you don't know all the details of that greater plan, yet you feel deep within your heart and soul that bigger and greater things are out there for you.  This is the type of change that speaks to you from within, urging you to open your eyes and see the world as limitless.  So, be brave and surrender to the Universe's plan because the Wheel of Fortune promises many blessings are ahead of you!


JUSTICE (11):  Be willing to commit to living your truth!

Justice is likely to indicate a major transition guided by your highest principles and values.  Often, this type of change is brought about by the realisation that you have been feeling unfulfilled for some time and need to take a new path that is more aligned to who you want to be and how you want to live.  You are being pulled by your empowering beliefs, values and ideas, which you honour deeply.  So, be open and true to yourself because Justice promises you that the actions you are about to take will eventually makes your heart filled with joy and make you smile.


DEATH (13):  It just wasn't meant to be!

Death is likely to indicate a major life transition.  Often an undesirable ending of a situation that you have no control over, yet not unexpected.  It's the type of ending that often comes about because the situation pushed your ability to cope beyond your limits.  When it fianlly ends, you feel an instant sense of relieve, even if this major life change leaves you feeling lost in uncertainty and unable to move forward.  Deep within your soul, you already know that this ending needs to happen because whatever this situation may be, it wasn't meant to be for you.  The biggest challenge when dealing with the Death type of ending is finding the inner strength to focus on redefining your goals and reimagining your life purpose.  So, don't fear it because once you embrace this major change, Death promises you a more positive future.


THE TOWER (16):  Expect things to go wrong!

The Tower is likely to indicate a sudden, unexpected occurrence, change or ending.  It's the type of change that happens suddenly, without giving you the time to adjust or wrap your mind around what is happening.  It can often cause anxiety, chaos in your life and take a toll on your ability to think straight.  However, The Tower type of change will make you stronger and more flexible, as well as unleashes your creativity.  The most important thing to remember is that you can get through it, no matter whatever this shake up may be.  So, rather than wasting time overthinking and trying to make sense of something you cannot make sense of; accept it with thanks and appreciation, and start actively doing what you need to do, to adapt to the change and move forward for the benefit of your own life and your future.


JUDGEMENT (20):  Be ready to make a judgment call!

Judgement is likely to indicate a change or ending that occurs from your willingness and strength to make tough decisions.  Often, the decision is based on the facts and evidence of a situation, rather than emotions or gut feelings.  It's the type of change that causes you to question, second guess, or want to back down from making a call.  But, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you are not yet ready to change lanes and take a different route in life, the voice that lives inside of your head keeps on calling for you to sacrifice your comfort in life for something that is more authentic for you.  So, don't deliberately ignore the truth; embrace this chance for a rebirth as Judgement assures you that this is the only thing that can save your life.


THE WORLD (21):  Be ready for new possibilities!

The World is likely to indicate an end of a major life cycle.  It's the type of ending that brings huge transition and change to your life.  Often making you happier and more sucessful because it allows you to reinvent your life in meaningful ways.  However, whatever you stand to gain in your new and exciting adventure, you likely will also experience some losses because some things from your old life chapter will have to be left behind.  So, take some time to figure out what you really want and keep an eye out for new possibilities because The World is about to present many new doors to you.


SIX OF SWORDS (6):  A change of scenery is needed!

Six of Swords is likely to indicate a change or ending that occurs due to a conscious decision to move in a different direction.  This desire to make a change in your life may arise from your inner voice telling you that it's time to change, to move to a different job, a different life circumstance, or a different place than the one in which you are currently situated, so you can ensure your continued survival.  It's almost certain that this change will cause a fair amount of uncertainty.  However, Six of Swords assures you that if you learn to deal and become comfortable with the unknown, this journey will ultimately lead you to a happier destination, one that you have been pinning for.


EIGHT OF CUPS (8):  Your passion lives elsewhere!

Eight of Cups is likely to indicate a change or ending that occurs from a decision to live your passion.  It's the type of change that happens when we feel we can do something better, something more important and something we can be proud of.  The life you have created for yourself has become such a huge dissatisfaction that you are willing to walk away from it all in order to start fresh elsewhere.  So, don't try to find fulfilment by rearranging the circumstances of your life, because Eight of Cups assures you that your passion lives elsewhere.


TEN OF SWORDS (10):  Be willing to start over!

Ten of Swords is likely to indicate change or ending caused by a serial boundary crossing (ten swords).  Whether someone means to repeatedly cross your boundary or not; restating your boundary will eventually be the result.  Ten of Swords type of ending will often leave you feeling irritated, frustrated and resentful.  However, by putting an end to this disrespectful behaviour, you will be better off in the long run.  So, speak up and express your boundaries compassionately, but most of all, be willing to start over!


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