Tarot Consultation Session is a two-way exchange of information and should be seen as an opportunity to create connections with your Tarot consultant, with a view to gain as many insights about your current situation as possible.  The better prepared you are for the session, the more you will benefit from it.  Below is the list of recommended things you should do in order to ensure your Tarot consultation session is a great experience.

1. Take Time to Reflect on Your Situations

It may be possible that you are going through several different issues and chaos in your life, and if so, you are likely to be feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions. It is important to take time out to reflect on what is going on around you and work through your thoughts and feelings, as well as all the possible reasons why you might be having these negative emotions. It is also helpful to think about what is most important for you to solve right now, so you can get back on the “feeling good” path. By taking the time to make sense of things, your mind and body will automatically start to feel more relaxed. This will help you communicate more clearly and be more readily to connect with the Tarot during the consultation session. Remember, Tarot is all about energy!

2. Prepare Your Questions for Best Results

Now that you have taken the time to make sense of your situation and prioritise what is important to you; the next step is to think about what you want to achieve from your Tarot consultation session. Often, you will want to find the best ways to address your issues, so you can make decisions you need to make. Asking the right questions is the most important part of seeking guidance from the Tarot, so you need to spend some time on preparing your questions. Please remember, Tarot consultation depends on three things: the right energy from the you (the client), the right questions, and the Tarot consultant to interpret the meanings. Having a set of questions readily at hand will not only help you focus your thinking during the consultation session, but you will also be able to spend the allocated time in the most productive way.

3. Schedule Your Tarot Consultation

Once you have taken the time to reflect, prioritise and prepare your questions; you are ready for the Tarot consultation session. It is important that you remain completely relaxed during your session. Therefore, make a conscious decision to schedule your session when you can allow yourself quiet time, only just for you, and away from distraction, if you are having your session over the phone or Skype. This will help you be more “in tune” with your feelings and sensations that you have, allowing you to be totally focused on finding solutions to your situations.

4. Arrive Open-Minded for Your Tarot Consultation Session

Throughout your Tarot consultation session, it is important that you remain open-minded to whatever information the Tarot will reveal. Being closed-minded or closed energetically will likely result in pulling a lot of cards that contradict each other. This doesn’t mean that you must believe or accept everything, because we must not forget that Tarot consultation is a way of seeking guidance and is subject to the consultant’ interpretation and should not be taken as absolute. Additionally, the future is NOT cast in stone, and you have the power of “free will” to change your circumstances using your own intuition and judgment. However, by keeping an open mind, listening, and trying to comprehend everything the Tarot reveals will increase your awareness of the situation you are going through, with a few options to begin to consciously create desirable outcome.

In summary, to get the most out of your Tarot consultation session with your consultant is to prepare your body, mind, and spirit prior to your session. Most importantly, set the intention that you will create 2-3 specific questions you want to ask your Tarot consultant. Remember, you have limited time available to you, so make the most of it!

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