Here is your Interactive Tarot Reading for the month of October.  Look at the image of the three cards, take a deep breathe, still your mind, and allow the cards to connect with your energy.  You can ask the cards for guidance or an insight to your situation, and when you are ready....Choose the card that you feel most connected to as that is your message.

Ready?  1, 2, or 3?  Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down the page to read your message....

Tarot is for Entertainment Purpose Only.  Please Trust Your Own Intuition and Judgement.

In accordance with the law in several countries, I must inform you that Tarot is for Entertainment Purposes Only and subject to my interpretation, and should not be taken as absolute.  Any decisions made, or actions taken by you following your Tarot reading session at Uma Tarot or having read the information provided on this Uma Tarot blog are your sole responsibility, and have not been forced upon you by me.  Therefore, I assume no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of your decisions based on the reading or the information provided.  Please trust your own intuition and judgement.



Card 1:  Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles is the card of maintaing a healthy relationship with yourself and your financial goals.  It is an indication that it is time to prioritise your financial obligations and determine your financial goals, as well as how much time you need to give yourself in order to meet each one of those goals.

Although you may feel that you need to cut back on certain things this month, it is also important to recognise that a life devoid of any indulgence will also make you feel depleted, resentful, frustrated, and unmotivated to follow through on your goals.  So, make sure to treat yourself to something fun, relaxing, and completely indulgent once in a while.  Have a good month planning for the lifestyle you want for your future!


Card 2:  Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups is the card of happiness, contentedness, and a positive outlook on life.  It is an indication that life will soon begin to flow effortlessly for you.  It is as if the Universe has suddenly opened the door and invited you to just walk right through, without resistance.

This is the month where life should finally feel easy, comfortable, and everything is under control for you.  So, take time to stop, breath, and just appreciate what you have accomplished so far in life - whether that be possessions, status, or the people you love.

Remember, the more gratitude you have, and the more gratitude you express, the happier and brighter your life will become, and the more motivated you will be to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments.  Have a fantastic month and enjoy smelling the roses for a while!


Card 3:  Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands is the card of being authentic to your needs and viewpoints.  It is an indication that soon you may find yourself confronted with a situation where you will need to stand firm in who you are and hold firm to what you believe to be right and true.

While it is important to stand your ground when others are firing arrows at you this month, it is also important to recognise that doing so in a skilful, conscious, and non-confrontational manner can help your perspective be heard in a firm, yet compassionate way.  So, make sure to be polite, be direct and be clear, but non-attacking.  Have a great month and hold up your shield of truth with integrity!