Setting an intention for the year ahead is just as important as self-reflection. Self-reflection Day gives me the opportunity to review what I have learned and how I have grown in the past year; My One Powerful Intention Day allows me to have a conversation with myself and truly get to know the authentic me and to embrace all that I am, as well as to focus on what is the most important to me now and what I want to experience in the next twelve months.

This practice requires me to dig deep into my heart and listen intensely as it tells me my true desires – NOT what I think I should want, or what others want for me. It’s the day for being completely honest with myself, so I can set myself on the path for self-improvement in order to make my dreams come true in 2019.

My Wish List for 2019

In my Journal, I create a Wish List of three most significant intentions required to bring me the greatest joy, happiness, and fulfilment this year, and send them out to the Universe. As a spiritual person with strong faith, I believe that when we send a request out to the Universe, with the strength of our heart and mind behind it, it is usually answered. However, we need to be patient because the time it takes varies, but that well-deserved change will come when we are ready to embrace it. So, I might not get everything I hope for this year, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

“I have unique inner gifts that need to blossom, and this year is when my Higher Self will give them a chance to grow.”


“My heart longs for a life partner who truly supports my dreams, and this year is when I will remain open to welcoming into my life my other half, my mirror and my safe place, where I can be loved unconditionally for the person I truly am.”


“I am a compassionate person who like to make a difference in the hearts of others, and this year is when I do my best to sow hope, inspiration and encouragement, so their trials may be reduced.”


What 2019 will be like for me?

Success in receiving my wishes is not simply a gift; in order to be rewarded, I must also be willing to earn them. To identify how best to influence the journey towards new achievements in life this year, I consult my Life Coach – The Tarot!

This is the ritual where I choose one card from the Major Arcana and take the time to feel every emotion as I meditate on this Yearly Theme Card, to gain important insights for the months ahead. And, living up to the attributes of The Empress is not going to be easy!

She is loving, affectionate, and likes to help others, but never asks for anything for herself. She listens and encourages all those that she loves, but she confines little. She is creative, imaginative, and never lets anyone tell her that her dreams are not achievable because she is the creator of all new opportunities, new ideas, new ventures, new perspectives, new connections, and a new way of life.

As I’m sitting here, staring as this beautiful Empress, from the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti, I intuitively feel that my future happiness and success depends largely on my willingness to grow, and going beyond where I have previously been before. It’s going to be a year where I need to put my creativity and imagination to work in order to achieve what I aspire to become.

To help me stay connected with the feelings associated with this moment and The Empress card, I write a note in my Journal to give me a point of focus on what serves my purpose best and help me stay productive throughout the year.

“It’s important to keep believing and pushing forward with my dreams because if I lose my belief, I will switch off, and things will be left unfinished and shelved like so many dreams of the past. So, I must stay on track and be determined!”


My One Powerful Intention for 2019

To close off the practice, I create One Powerful Intention to serve as my mantra to keep my brain focused on accomplishing my wishes and desires for the next chapter in my life. And, this 2019 will be the year where I ...

“Express My Creativity and Manifest It into the World!”


Happy New Year! May all beings everywhere be blessed with love, peace, joy and good intention!

QUESTION: What is your one powerful intention for 2019? I would love to know what intentions you have set for yourself this year, so leave me your comment on any of my social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+