A brand new year has just begun and there is no time like the present to set a bold intention for the months ahead.  Just as I always enjoy spending a day on Self-Reflection in order to make sense of my experiences in the last twelve months; I love spending a day on setting My One Powerful Intention even more.

On this day, I sit down with my thoughts and sketch out a Wish List in my journal; not to simply ask the Universe for assistance, but it's a self-understanding process which helps me resonate with my own heart's desires.  In order to manifest my dreams, I strongly believe that I must first be able to make sense of what I am searching for in life, but most importantly, I must trust with all my heart and soul that all those amazing things are also searching for me in their own unique ways. And until the Universe is ready to play her hands in bringing them into my life, it is extremely important that I remain proactive in making positive changes in order to allow room for them.

So, no matter how farfetched your dreams might seem, allow yourself to dream big and spend time visualizing yourself being there at some future date.  However, remember to write them down, so you don't forget them as you start working your magic behind the scenes slowly.

My Wish List for 2020

For this 2020, I wrote the following three wishes in my journal....

“Learn from what’s gone before because history is a powerful teacher. So, this year I will continue to put the stress of the painful past firmly back where it belongs – and that is not in my life!”


“New experiences can teach me new things about myself, so this year I will continue to be open to learning and willing to grow.”


“It has been terrific to be attentive to proper nutrition and fitness as they revitalized my soul in a positive way. So, this year I will continue to persistently push forward to give my body and mind the essential good food and healthy movements. In addition, I will start carving out sufficient time for meditation and contemplation to give my spirit the delicious nourishment it needs, so my intuition can be sharpened.”


What 2020 will be like for me?

Before boarding the nonstop train to the next chapter in my life, I like to consult my Life Coach – The Tarot, for the best possible way to move forward.  This is the ritual where I choose one card from the Major Arcana, I called this My Yearly Theme Card.  This card gives me some insights for the months ahead.  And this year, I have drawn Strength - the card of being patient with your cherished dreams and allowing your personal power to take hold of the wheel and steer you in the right direction forward, steadily and slowly.

Strength is certainly someone who not only knows exactly what she wants in life, but also knows how to combine all the necessary ingredients – self-determination, self-control, drive and mental commitment, into one formidable package in order to consistently work slowly and steadily towards achieving her goals.  I couldn’t help but giggle when I heard, And if you’re lucky enough to be in her inner circle, she will certainly help you get the most out of your life.

This tells me if I stay true to my passionate beliefs, keep the path to achieve my dreams cemented into my mind, seek beyond my comfort zone and listen out for opportunity – I can also make impressive progress this 2020.  However, the chain around the tiger makes me feel like I need to take as many deep breaths as necessary to bring my determined spirit and passionate heart into alignment with proper timing. No matter how eager I am to get things off the ground this year, I must resist the impulse to rush ahead before the time is right because to do so will only add unnecessary weight around my neck. This is definitely the year to take each day as it comes and allow the year to unfold like a flower into what it has the potential to be.

To help me stay connected with the feelings associated with this moment and the Strength card, I write a note in my Journal to give me a point of focus on what serves my purpose best and help me stay productive throughout the year.

“I am all too familiar with my previous efforts and my current wishes, and if patience is required in the meantime, that is only a small price to pay for because I know with time and patience – success will come!”


My One Powerful Intention for 2020

To close off the practice, I create One Powerful Intention to serve as my mantra to keep my brain focused on accomplishing my wishes and desires for the next chapter in my life. And, this 2020 will be the year where I....

“Let My Strong Personality Shine Through and Help Me Flourish!”


Finally, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! May 2020 be your happiest, healthiest and wealthiest year ever!

QUESTION: What is your one powerful intention for 2020? I would love to know what intentions you have set for yourself this year, so leave me your comment on any of my social media platforms: FacebookTwitterInstagram