TAROT CARD OF THE WEEK 6th January 2020 - 12th January 2020

Whether it’s voluntary or not, Four of Cups indicates that you are unable to be open and honest about your emotions, so therefore, have chosen to proactively remove yourself from certain people in your life – a friend, a family member, a work colleague, a love interest, or significant other. Perhaps you just need some solitude time and space to reflect on the lessons learned in the year gone by; or to plan and even fantasize about the possibilities for the future; or to simply hibernate for the sake of rest and revitalization after the busy festive season. Whichever the reason for you being unwilling to connect with other people on an emotional level or avoiding people, activities and places; if taking some time and space alone is what you need right now, then Four of Cups is encouraging you to do what you can to make it happen.

However, if the plaguing thought of there must be something more in life and something more to life is weighing heavily on your mind – more money, more love, more excitement, more travel, etc, Four of Cups reminds you to always be grateful for the things the Universe has given you so far. It also wants you to understand that in order to get more of what you want from life, you will need to be more focused, do more, make more good choices, and persist more instead of resist more. Remember, making a true transformation in life requires a change of both mind and heart; and optimism is the best weapon in your toolbox when creating a happier and more fulfilling future right now!

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