TAROT CARD OF THE WEEK 21st September 2020 - 27th September 2020

The card drawn for this week is the super intelligent and incredibly creative Queen of Wands.  She is extremely ambitious, extremely passionate, extremely resourceful, and extremely driven.  This Queen knows exactly what she wants and she understands what she must do to stay on track towards achieving her goals.  And this week, she has come to bless us with her mentality of a Go-Getter.

For those of you who have taken up the advice of The High Priestess last week, and have taken the time to go within and get some clarity about the necessary changes you need to make that will help you achieving all your goals and aspirations - this week, Queen of Wands is urging you to switch on your go-getter mentality and follow through with your plans.  She wants you to put yourself out there and pursue your goals, passions, and ideas with a transfixed focus until they are achieved.  She wants you to believe that with persistent and consistent effort, you will progressively begin to move forward and eventually make your hopes and dreams a reality.  So go ahead, turn on that go-getter mental switch and believe in yourself!

For those who have yet to get clear about what you want for your life and draw up a flexible plan of action, Queen of Wands is encouraging you to dig deep for that inner drive and be proactive, this week, so you can be ready to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way!