TAROT CARD OF THE WEEK 1st March 2021 - 7th March 2021

The card drawn for this week is Strength (8).  It is the card of managing your own emotions so that you can use and harness them rather than being governed entirely by them.  Its appearance reminds you that your willingness to accept what is going on around you and get uncomfortable in order to change and improve are the keys to developing the grit you need to face your current challenges and bounce back from setbacks.

And this week, it has come to urge you to dig deep into your abilities to convince your subconscious mind into believing that you are capable of overcoming your setbacks and obstacles; your resiliency to set goals, make decisions and put in the necessary effort in order to move towards getting back on the right track; and your strong system of belief and abilities to make good use of all your resources to reach your goals.  So be open to the achievement of your mission, be confident in what you can do, and be determined to keep pushing forward!

Remember, grit is the heart and soul of Strength, so embrace her energy and allow her to help you find your true strength and get through this week.  She assures you that you are stronger than you think!