TAROT CARD OF THE WEEK 7th September 2020 - 13th September 2020

The card drawn for this week is Ten of Cups.  It is the card of true contentment that is deep seated within the home and family unit.  It often appears when we feel happy, satisfied, and grateful for all we have achieved, as well as finding joy and fulfillment under a comfort blanket of our family.

For many of us, getting a chance to spare a minute to just sit back, relax and focus on the family, is something that is quite a rare occasion.  Too often, we get so entrenched in our busy lives trying to gain happiness through success and materialism that we forget to slow down and really be with our family.

This week, Ten of Cups has come to remind us that keeping our family time creative and enjoyable is just as important as our ambition. So, if you have been feeling that your time with your family is slipping away faster than you are comfortable with; rather than wait for a day when your life is less busy or less stressful before making family time a priority – make a deliberate effort to give your family your undivided attention, this week, so you can spend quality time together.

For those of you who are single, living alone, or far away from your loved ones – take a mindful time to reassess your living environment and make tweaks around the home where needed to add extra comfort to your sanctuary and boost your overall contentment this week.

For those who are on holiday with their family this week, Ten of Cups is urging you to make the most of your time building new memories together. For those who are not, why not plan that exciting holiday you can all look forward to?