TAROT CARD OF THE WEEK 30th December 2019 - 5th January 2020

The feelings can be overwhelming and frustrating when The Moon makes its presence known, because more often than not it tells you that you are at that time in your life when your need to figure out your next move in some area of your life. Perhaps your inner wolf has become bored with the current situation and is ready for something new, while your internal watchdog is telling you that in order to honour the change you desperately need means moving outside of your comfort zone and the path is likely to lead to uncertainty. Don’t worry, it is completely normal, and it happens to all of us, especially at this time of year – new year, new you, new chapter in life, right?

Whether your are considering starting your own business or expanding the existing one, deciding between two jobs, moving to a new city or relocating to a different country, starting or ending a relationship, The Moon reminds you that emotional experiences are key to personal growth and understanding of your highest potential as you rise to meet and conquer the challenges before you. So, instead of allowing fear and confusion to stop you in your track and keep you stuck; take the time to fully examine your options, as well as your passion, talents and skills. It’s time to be brave and step into the unknown so you can break through to what’s next in your life!

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