The Sun

The Sun

It’s time to rise above your circumstances and live life on the sunny side!


  • Expressing your ever-blooming devotion to the love of your life and feeling loved
  • Viewing life, situations, and circumstances with a generally optimistic and cheerful attitude
  • Spending time doing things that make you feel happy, or being with people you love and admire
  • Being in the bright spots in your life journey and feeling grateful for those who have helped bring you to where you are now


  • Struggling to be positive about certain situations in your life, or in the midst of change
  • Something is stopping the natural flow forward because you have made a wrong decision
  • Finding it difficult to fall pregnant, dealing with a difficult pregnancy, or having difficulty raising young children
  • Struggling to see the silver-lining in a difficult situation because you are not taking the time to stop and notice the positive aspects

The Sun usually appears in a reading when we need to embrace a growth mindset and envision where we want to be - whether that is happier, richer, more successful, healthier or in love.

In an advice position, The Sun tells us to stay enthusiastic, willing and committed to taking actions in the direct pursuit of our goals. It urges us to begin to make choices that fall in line with the direction of our dreams, regardless of our current circumstances because the door to success is available to us now. We just need to look for it, and if we cannot see it, The Sun is encouraging us to build the door ourselves!

In an obstacle position (or Reversed), The Sun Reversed suggests that we need to seek input from someone who can help us get a more grounded and healthier perspective on the situation we are currently facing. It wants us to understand that regardless of the circumstances there is always positivity somewhere even in the most negative of situations. The Sun Reversed reminds us to staying positive is essential if we want to have influences in our life that support us and lift us instead of dragging us down.

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